What is Adventure?

What is Adventure?

The problem with adventure is it is variable and determined by the person who’s accessing the adventure.  Ranulph Fiennes, Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, Neil Armstrong are all extreme explorers and adventurers but for most people activities like white water rafting, outdoor climbing and abseiling,  canyoning, paintball these are the sort of activities that we class as adventurous and we agree.


So the problem with catering for adventure is the variation in the interpretation of adventure.  For some people, the idea of adventure is to walk across the Gobi Desert for 1000 miles over 50 days or to explore the Mekong river from source to sea over 75 days from the high Himalayas of Tibet to South China.  BTW we cater for these kinds of Adventure with our sister company 1000milejourneys.com . However, our bread and butter adventure activity is white water rafting and we are passionate about introducing people to it 🙂


White water rafting is a fantastic activity to introduce someone to Adventure, white water rafting comes in many different levels. This is a grading system that classes the levels of water between 1 and 6. For some people just getting into the wetsuit, strapping on the helmet,  buoyancy aid and then waiting to get into the river into the boat for a grade 1 experience is an adventure.  Grade one is essentially flat moving water that has no danger or risk associated with it or should I say limited dangerous and risk as there is always danger and risk in adventure hence why it is an Adventure. For some people this is where the adventure begins, every activity as I say has many levels to it, as as as mentioned earlier a flat water experience may be enough to give folk the feeling of adrenaline and excitement that is indicative of adventure.

The River Tay

The grades in rafting are as mentioned between 1 and 6 where six is almost certain death. Grade six will have a large volume,  the river will be a steep, fast-flowing body of water that has restrictions that you have to go with, ie you have no options the water determines the options. Commercially rafting is usually done between grades 2 and 5 where Grades 2 and 3 is seen as an ace family introductory rafting session.  Our most popular rafting trip the River Tay is graded 2 to 3.  The River Tay has some fantastic big bouncy Rapids which are fast, big and enjoyable.  The Tay has lengths of flat water which give us time to play games, to enjoy team building activities, jump in the water, see the scenery and get their paddling skill honed ready for the rapids. The River Tay has around 10 different sets of rapids from covering grades 2 and 3 (and some 3+ in high water) making the River Tay a really fantastic introduction to adventure and a fantastic introduction to white water rafting for everyone aged 8 and up.

The River Tummel

The river tummel which only operates in the summer at the weekends (a damn released river ) has a higher grade than the Tay and is rated between 2 and 4+. Rafting on the River Tummel is characteristically different from the Tay,  as it has less volume water but as a whole the river is far steeper and narrower and with the steepness and the narrowness the water gets heavily restricted and creates many more obstacles, which means the grade goes up, risk increases and the amount of adventure increases. The river tummel finalises in a grade 4+ waterfall which covers 18ft in vertical height from top to bottom and is a great finale to a very exciting river. The River Tummel is for age 16  and above,  it is for someone looking for the next level of white water rafting, a step up from the river tay. It is also for those who have a thirst for adventure and are looking from something to do that is that little bit more demanding. The River Tummel is more demanding in terms of concentration, physical ability , ability to knuckle down, to concentrate, to participate because when the grade increases the risk increases as with all adventure.

As mentioned in the beginning of the article all famous adventurous incurred massive risk, for example, Neil Armstrong went to the moon on the back of a metal tube filled with rocket fuel!! Obviously, this mode of transport incurs massive amounts of risk there, and as we are aware there has been many astronauts that have been killed on take off etc.  Adventure is different for everyone and if you are looking  for that next level white water rafting experince here in Scotland,  if you’re looking for that next level of adventure we can offer the River white water rafting.

The River Orchy

The River Orchy also infamously known as “The Orchy” is situated in Glen Orchy close by to the famous Green Welly stop of Tyndrum is a truly European and World class level white water rafting river. The Orchy section which we raft is graded between 3 and 5! from the minute the raft hits the water, to the minute you get out, the Orchy provides High Adventure and non-stop action that will make your heart race, adrenaline flow and fear rise! As mentioned earlier about the astronauts, when you take on a higher level of adventure you take on a higher level of risk, we at Splash white water rafting are experts in managing risk with over 20 years of experience in the white water rafting business however when rafting rivers like the Orchy we recommend and insist that customers have previous rafting experience. That they have previously rafted rivers like the Tay or the Tunnel and we recommend and insist that they are a minimum of 18 years old, of good general fitness and a team player. The Orchy ia a serious river with continuous grade 3 which is big, fun, bouncy and full of excitement. The grade 4 rapids require a little bit more concentration and dedication,  that’s dedication in the paddle stroke, dedication in the commitment to generate power and keep that paddling power on right up till when the rapids begin and sometimes through the Rapids. That’s listening to the guides commands and fulfilling them the best you can. The Orchy then steps it up with two grade 5 rapids,  when it comes to the to the grade 5 rapids it’s time to really listen to the guide. The guides we employ are absolutely world class and have the accreditation, technical know how and experience, they will deliver first class instruction for you to have one of the best white water rafting adventures that is possible anywhere in the world.

We are not saying that one level of adventure is more valid than another for some they need to travel into space on the back cylindrical metal tube filled with jet fuel, for others just getting out into the woods is enough.  Adventure for us is about you pushing yourself to your limits , adventure is about  you managing the risk levels that you’re capable of pushing to and stepping on one foot beyond what you thought was possible. This is  adventure. We have 20 years experience  working throughout the world providing adventure activities and adventure holidays and we would love to be your next provider, be it for your first adventure or for your 20th adventurous activity holiday.


Hopefully, this article on  Adventure has been interesting, the main thing about being  or living an adventurous life is always research, always plan, know your limits,  manage risk and always prepare yourself with the best education and information that you can. As well as the best equipment, the best guides and hire in the most knowledgeable experienced individuals and you will have a fantastic time seeking out adventure.


Team Splash

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