What do you wear to go rafting?


What do you wear to go rafting?

  1. Bathing suit/ Swimming shorts – This is for under you neoprene wetsuit.
  2. Clothing- Dry, warm clothing for changing into after your whitewater rafting experience.
  3. Towel/Toiletries – Towel for drying yourself before changing into your warm clothing and toiletries as you may be going to the pub for food etc.
  4. Sunscreen/Chapstick – If you are a burner, remember that the Scottish sun will be reflected off the water – Bring your factor 50+
  5. Socks – For inside your shoes on the raft (no cotton) and a spare pair for after the rafting experience.
  6. Water shoes – A separate pair of old shoes that you can get wet, we do have a selection of old shoes on site. But do recommend you bring your own.
  7. Dry bag  – For medication etc – Our trip leaders carry otter boxes  (100% waterproof) and can take any vital medications etc on the river.
  8. Waterproof camera – We provide free photography on all rafting trips but you are more than welcome to stick a Go Pro to our helmets to capture your trip.

Supplied by Splash White Water Rafting

  1. Wetsuit – A neoprene rubber suit that will keep you warm on the river.
  2. Helmet – A protective helmet specifically designed for water sports.
  3. Buoyancy aid – This floatation device will help you stay buoyant if you find your self in the river.
  4. Paddle – You are the engine and you will need your paddle.
  5. Socks/ Gloves – Depending on the season weather and activity you may also be issued with Gloves or Socks.

What not to wear when you go rafting?

  1. Cotton – No cotton, it swells and keep the cold water next to your skin, we recommend synthetic fibres and materials for rafting.
  2. Jewellery – As your body heats up ( paddling hard) and cools down ( Entering the cool waters) your fingers etc can expand and contract, best to leave your jewellery in the car or in our office.
  3. Electronics – Yeah I think this is self-explanatory.


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