How much is whitewater rafting?


How much is whitewater rafting?


Whitewater rafting costs between £40 and £100 depending on the river, its class and its location. These rapids come in grades, these are rated from 1 (flat, scenic) to 5 (high adventure/ risk).


Splash white water rafting rafts many rivers that are accessible to our base in Aberfeldy, Perthshire, Scotland. These river rafting experiences can be enjoyed in a 4-hour time slot. These rivers like the River Tay and the River Tummel are both priced around £40 and £45  respectively. For more info on the River Tay click here and for the River Tummel click here.


However, we do have rivers that are further afield which have higher classifications ie more danger, more excitement and for these rivers, we factor in the extra distance being covered and the higher level of staff required in running the trip. For these rivers like the River Orchy, we charge £90 and usually run this in conjunction with an accommodation offer. For more info on the River Orchy click here.


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