White Water Rafting River Garry


River Garry White Water Rafting is spectacular river experience with several exhilarating rapids. The River Garry is a dam-released waterway containing both Class 3 and Class 4 rapids. As the river travels a long way and drops downstream, it passes through some turbulent falls. Located to the south of Fort Augustus, the “grade 3-4” river is the ideal place for all interested rafters.

While out on river rafting and kayaking, you are guaranteed to get all the fun and excitement as your kayak moves past the massive waves. You can encounter some nice waves, especially during summer months – from the final week of March until October.


To get the maximum excitement out of the rafting expedition, one must seek good help from the professionals in the fields. Once on the trip, remember to pack in some a warm tops and a set of shoes along with a towel. With adventure in your mind, get set to feel the most electrifying expedition of your life as you take the plunge down the River Garry.

The River Garry is the most northern of our rafting rivers. For rivers closer to the center of Scotland try the River Tay or River Tummel


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