Winter Rafting

winter-raftingWinter Rafting

It’s pretty amazing to think that Winter is the best time for rafting in Scotland. When I say rafting I mean “Big Water Rafting”. Obviously, the winter has some caveats compared to the pleasantness of the summer season, in the summertime rafting is pleasant as the air temperature is nice(on occasion it is Scotland after all), the sun is shining and the birds are tweeting. However in the winter time the water temperature of the river maybe slightly colder, the air temperature can be a fair bit colder but the water levels can be so much bigger!!

Big water or lots of water makes for really good “white water” rafting, and there is something that happens every year without fail in Scotland, yes you guessed it – RAIN and SNOW. Every year as we move into winter it rains and it rains and with this, the rivers swell and then it snows and it snows and then the snow melts and the rivers swell.

The River Tay which can be fairly big in summer can become ‘big’ to ‘monstruos’(in a good way) in winter, especially near the end of winter when all the snow begins to melt.

Here at Splash White Water Rafting, we are open all year round, come rain or shine, we are dedicated to the river gods and we live for the big waters of the short winter months. It’s a surprisingly hard thing to sell, as most of our customers love rafting in the sun, and we love this too but there is something magical about a big volume, raging river in the heart of winter. It has to be experienced – trust us we are experts 🙂


We have all the kit you need for winter rafting, from thick neoprene wetsuits to keep you warm, helmets to keep your head safe and buoyancy aids to keep you floating. So be it 30 degrees sunshine or winter conditions safety and customer experience are always at the top of our list.


Our two main rivers in the Winter are :
The River Tay
River Tay Rafting is big bouncy and full of excitement when the water is big- fun for all the family.

The River Orchy
Orchy Rafting is big and hardcore from start to finish. This is the best whitewater rafting the UK has to offer and it only runs when there is a lot of water.

So why not Join Splash on some big water winter rafting this winter. call 01887 829706 or email [email protected] to book your adventure.


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