White Water Rafting in Scotland

White Water Rafting in Scotland



There are a number of places to experience white water rafting in Scotland. Rafting in Scotland can essentially be divided into two simple categories. These are rafting “ In the Highlands” and rafting “In Glasgow”, yes you read that right, there is white water rafting in Scotland’s largest city.  


Glasgow Rafting

Glasgow has more people than the whole of the highlands combined, the highlands may have all of the natural rafting rivers but Glasgow has its own custom-built artificial white water course. The course is located at Pinkston watersports and is an official 2014 legacy project (Glasgow’s Commonwealth games). The course is 100m long and around 10M wide, pumping out up to 7 cumecs (tons per second) of water. The course provides a fantastic urban environment to try out rafting and bugging within easy access of Scotland’s largest city – Glasgow. We offer both White Water Rafting and White Water Bugs at the course. The action here is non-stop!! And perfect for first-time rafters, stag dos, hen parties, corporate events as well as those just looking to grab an hours rafting before some beers instead of the cinema, yes it is that convenient.


Rafting in Scotland – In the highlands.

The main population of Scotland lives around the central belt with the total population of Scotland coming in at around 5.3 million people. The highlands in comparison has only around 300,000 folks but it has all of Scotland’s natural White Water Rafting. Unlike the artificial white water course in heart of Glasgow, the water here is rarely controlled, however, there are a few exceptions to this. There is a number of dam released rivers like the River Tummel. But most of the rivers accessible to us for rafting are rain fed. This means that when it rains in and around the catchment area that feeds the river, the river will swell. This can change the features of the river dramatically in a very short period of time.


Three main mountain rivers in terms of water.


Dam release rafting

These rivers like the River Tummel are only raftable when the dam releases, so when the dams release the river flows – when it doesn’t release there is no rafting,  simple as that.


Rain dependant rafting

These rivers are very similar to the dam released rivers as in when it rains and the river fills it is good to raft but once the rainwater runs off its back to a no raft river. Some rivers like the Orchy can fill up in a day,  provide some of the best most intense rafting to be found anywhere in Europe and then as quick as the water arrived it runs off and it’s back to being un-raftable.


Constant water Rafting

These rivers are constant all year round, they get low in the summer and swell in the winters but are always raftable, with new features with each and every water level. These are rivers like the Mighty River Tay.


One thing both the urban and natural rafting experiences share is an unmissable experience. Rafting combines teamwork, adrenaline highs, raging water and quick thinking into a truly fantastic experience that brings customers back time and time again be it to raft in nature or on the course. It is addictive.


The advantages of the white water course are it is fully under our control, it’s constant and it is consistent. The opposite is true of all natural rivers, as they are always changing meaning there is always a new adventure to unfold. No two rafting trips are ever the same.


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