Do you need to be fit to go rafting?

fit-to-go-rafting3Do you need to be fit to go rafting?

This a question that we get asked regularly. “Am I fit enough to go rafting?”, “What level of fitness will I need?” , Or statements like “I am not fit enough to go rafting” or “ I Couldn’t do that I am no shape for that”. I can understand that when folk see pictures of our guides looking like chiselled Greek God, I can understand why they would think you need to be fit. Our guides are fit, strong, and athletic and ready for any and all eventualities.

However, our clients don’t need to be raft guide fit. Whitewater rafting is truly open to everyone with a base level of fitness and mobility. Over the years we have had over 150,000 customers experience the excitement of white water rafting with us first hand. These clients and customers of Splash came in every body shape and size and in every level of fitness and mobility.


What to expect from your white water rafting experience?

Our expert guides and front of house welcome our customers, sign our customers in for their activity, then we give a kit brief, then we give kit out (wetsuits, buoyancy aids, helmets, paddles) then our expert guides give a rafting specific safety brief and instruction, then we hit the river. All our white water rafting customers experiences are captured with excellent professional photos which can be accessed through our social media channels like Facebook  as well as our websites rafting photo page.


Are you fit enough for rafting? Yes!!

Don’t let the idea that you are not fit enough stop you from rafting. Rafting is a very accessible adventure sport and we are ready to make your experience first class. We have many rivers and multiple levels of whoite water rating for our customers to experience, from family fun to extreme adrenaline.


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See you on the river

Team Splash