White Water Rafting Rivers of the World - Peru

Majes River, Peru

 The Rio Majes in Peru is interestingly another name of the famous Colca River. The Colco River, as it reaches the coast, gets the name Rio Majes.  

As you set your canoe on the captivating waters of this beautiful waterway, you can feel the vertiginous fury of the waves and the blow of the huge boulders. The raft vibrates and jumps through the whitewaters, pushing your pulse rate on a higher note! As your heart pounds harder and you grit your teeth, you can feel the whitewaters pushing you back. A river abundant with Class III rapids, the Rio Majes is perfectly suited for the beginners. However, there are certain sections in the river where you may encounter high-rising whitewaters, challenging the skilled rafter within you.  

The fascinating adventure on the Rio Majes, coupled with utmost excitement and emotion, will force you to fight through the dominating rapids. As you row down the river and cut through the crystal clear waters, you will surely face the torrents rising at every bend. From its source located in the summits of the mountains, the Rio Majes moves along the deep and giant rainforests. Boasting of several stretches throughout the river course, the water body’s Andamayo-Aplao stretch is considered the most popular among rafters. Some of the other significant stretches include Ayos-Huatiapa and Huatiapa- Aploa- Corrie.  

Even though the river remains navigable all through the year, yet the best time for rafting in Rio Majes is from the month of May to October. Apart from the rafting voyage down the river, you can even opt for a camping or hiking expedition on the magnificent river.







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