White Water Rafting Rivers of the World - Brazil

Jacaru River, Brazil

Brazil is the place for incredible rafting adventures, thanks to its rich treasure of rivers, which can be perfectly rafted upon. The Jacaru River is certainly a top pick in this category. Crafted primarily for mild excursions, the river sports serene waters in the upper stretches of its journey. With rapids of Class II, this section of the water body is ideal for novices, children and family trips. 

However, as you proceed, the Jacaru River unveils its wealth of waves and brings the most thrilling rapids. Especially in the lower section, the waterway offers rapids of Class IV, which can be tamed only by the amazing expertise of a professional or experienced rafter. The adventure on the waters of Jacaru River will provide you an extra dose of emotion and thrill you have never experienced before! Raft through the unexplored areas of the water body and watch drastic change in its features with every twist and turn! 

Apart from paddling through the captivating waters, you can arrange for a camping expedition too. The Jacaru River, with its breathtaking natural beauty, is welcoming all of you to make your expeditions successful. Another major attraction of the riverside is its rich wildlife, allowing you a view of caimans, monkeys and different kinds of birds. Adding further excitement in the trip is the majestic valleys with its spectacular view of lush green life. So, get swayed in the high-rising whitewaters and lose yourself in the exquisite locations of the riverside. But, to capture all the fascinating features of the Jacaru River, don’t forget to carry a camera with you!

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