White Water Rafting Rivers of the World - Austria

 Isel River Whitewater Rafting

Isel River, an Austrian river, is situated in Osttirol. One of the main rivers in Eastern Tyrol of Austria, the river has several famous side creeks such as the Deferegenbach. Here, the whitewaters are quite restless. The wild waters of the Isel River have turned out to be quite a hit among all rafters, as the river offers the perfect rafting condition to them.

 Sporting rapids of Class III and IV, the river remains at its best from the month of May to September, when the water level reaches almost 250 cms. In Lienz, however, the water-level of river is almost 260 cms. Almost all the year round, the river is rather cold, but during the summer months the conditions become a bit better and the waters stay quite warm. Thus, this season is regarded as the ideal time for setting out on rafting expeditions. As the Isel River travels through the valley and gets past the streams along it, the river welcomes all interested rafters with its frothy waves. At every bend of the river, you can witness a fresh challenge. As the waves surmount on a higher level and your canoe rushes along the wild waters, you can sense your pulse rate soaring. At times, the ride on the Isel River is really scary, as you escape the huge boulders by inches and fall down a stream, but then it is equally enthralling too! Coupled with the amazing whitewaters, the river offers breathtaking scenery, which will certainly leave you mesmerized!  

So, to make the best utilization of your weekends, set out on a trip in the white waters of Isel River.

























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