White Water Rafting Rivers of the World - Switzerland

Aare River, Switzerland

 The Aare River is the longest river in Switzerland, rising and ending within the Swiss territory. The entire length of the river, starting from its point of rising to its end, measures up to approximately 183 miles.    

The river has its source in the Aar glaciers, and then it runs eastwards to the Grimsel and then goes to the northwest direction along the Haslital. The river then moves towards Lake Brienz and near the west end of the lake, the river meets the Lutschine. The Aare River then crosses the swampy plains and expands to Lake Thun. Again, towards the west end of the lake, the river meets the waters of Kander. Flowing out of Lake Thun, the river then passes through the city of Bern. The fast flowing waters of the Aare River connect two picturesque Swiss cities  

For all whitewater rafters, the Aare River is indeed a great option as the river provides multiple rapids all through its course, enabling both beginners and professional rafters to take ample pleasure in their rafting voyages. Boasting of rapids from Class I to IV, the river with its huge waves is the ideal place for executing thrilling rafting expeditions. As you slide down the river, you will watch your boat spin, surf and flip with the whitewaters, drenching you all over!  

As you pass the frothy waves and make headway through the waters, you will enjoy every bit of the challenge and all your physical skills get tested. As the river passes through several lakes and waterfalls, the rafters can even take the pleasure of watching the stunning scenic beauty of Switzerland along with rafting. So, gear up for the challenge and get set to take the plunge in the river. To make the best of the trip, you can take help of the professional rafters, but don’t forget to carry the necessary belongings!










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